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World Thrombosis Day

Know The Facts: 1 in 4 people worldwide are dying from conditions caused by thrombosis. And, it's a startling fact that up to 900,000 people in the United States alone are affected by blood clots each year; about 100,000 of

Getting An MRI With A Pacemaker

Getting an MRI if you have a pacemaker is possible today due to MRI conditional pacemakers. In the past, MRI was not allowed in patients with implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators. Thanks to research efforts

Happy National Heart Day

Promise to take control of your heart health! CVD (cardiovascular disease) includes conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Other risk factors for CVD: obesity tobaccohigh cholesterol air pollution stress alcohol

May The Fourth Be With You!

If only I knew about Darth Vader's Imperial Pacemaker sooner. I would've picked this device over the Bluetooth Medtronic Azure Pacemaker I received. Maybe in 15 years when I need a battery change. Although it says ages 65 and up I hope
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