Apple Watch 4 EKG Technology

A few months ago Apple released its EKG features on its Apple Watch series 4. This technology consists of single lead EKG capability. Since I’ve gotten my pacemaker I was further amazed at this technology and how accurate it has been. The EKG feature is able to pick up pacing spikes, both atrial and ventricular. I showed these strips to my electrophysiologist and he was amazed at the technology, he didn’t know it was that advanced. This EKG feature has been useful in helping me correlate my symptoms to my pacer. Sometimes I feel these very deep palpitations, I was able to pin point it to when I’m in MVP-DDD mode, pacing both the atrium and ventricle. The images below are my own strips captured on my Apple Watch.

Top image atrial spikes seen, AAI@60. Bottom image normal sinus @65
Both Atrial and Ventricular spikes, DDD

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