Quick Word On Cyberbullying

I wasn’t going to give any attention to negativity but I think this is an important topic: CYBERBULLYING. Over the past year I have been sharing my medical journey through my Instagram and even started this online blog recently. Being young and going through certain medical events can feel lonely and scary. I decided to share my journey to help inspire others, show them that you’re not alone and will prevail. Yet when an article got picked up on my journey I received malicious comments regarding my appearance and such. I started to second guess if I wanted to share my journey publicly. But then I realized all of the positive feedback I’ve received from other young adults going through a similar process far out weights this negativity. It’s easy to sit behind the security of a keyboard and spread hate but it’s much more fulfilling to choose kindness…. choose kindness always.

Do the articles detail my journey 100%? Absolutely not and I find them quite dramatic, but I guess that’s what sells news. It’s just sad when something that was created for positive purposes to bring awareness for self advocating and to bring inspiration turned into something so negative. You can find some the articles down below:




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