Platinum Long Lash Review

Being my first beauty post I figured let me make it on a topic I get a lot of questions about, my eyelashes. I have never used eyelash extensions nor will I ever! Upfront as a disclaimer, I’m never sponsored by or associated with any of the products I use or review. I have tried hundreds of products over the years and found what works for me!

With that being said, I love LONG eyelashes but I was never a fan of false lashes. I have never even applied them myself. The glue, the time it takes to put them on, and the fear of them falling off while I’m out never was appealing to me. The newer trend of eyelash extensions I admit was tempting to me at one point but I’m glad I choose a different route. Eyelash extensions are pricey to keep up and in my opinion get funny looking when some of the extensions start to fall off while others stay on. I wanted something more long term and permanent.

About a year ago I decided to try an eyelash growth serum, “Platinum Long Lash” by Dr. Lara Devgan. I’m so glad I found and tried this product! Platinum Long Lash is amazing, increased the length of my lashes greatly! Being that this is a growth serum it does take time to see results. Personally I remember seeing noticeable results around the one month mark but saw my optimal result around three months. I have been using this product for a little over a year now and have continued seeing my optimal results with daily use. Consistent daily use is needed to see and maintain desired results. You can also use this product on your eyebrows if you want thicker brows as well.

I do admit this product isn’t cheap but it’s a high quality product that will give you amazing results! Also, a tube typically lasts me a few months. When I thought about it, I also realized it’s cheaper in the long run than eyelash extensions. Another thing that sets this serum apart is that it’s prostaglandin free unlike many other growth serums. Serums with prostaglandins have been proven to darken the color of the iris and surrounding eye tissue. Also, these prostaglandin containing serums are unsafe in pregnancy. Below are some benefits listed on Dr. Devgan’s website (you can only buy this product on her website).


  • Helps boost natural eyelash growth, length, thickness, and strength
  • Patients studied averaged a greater than 70% improvement in lash density after 30 days of regular use
  • Patients studied averaged a 45% increase in new eyelash growth after 60 days of regular use
  • Patients studied averaged a one fourth increase in eyelash length after 14 days of regular use
  • No reported darkening of eye color or skin around eyes
  • Over the counter and acceptable in pregnancy and nursing
Dior Iconic Overcurl vs no mascara

I also want to mention although my eyelashes are finally long I do have blonde hair so I have light eyelashes. Mascara makes a HUGE difference for me for that reason. I will include a picture to show you before and after I apply my mascara. I use and LOVE Dior Iconic Overcurl. I only apply one coat and I never curl my eyelashes. I have been using this mascara for years. I’ve tried other products and always go back to this. This mascara intensifies your eyelash length, volume, and curl without ever flaking or clumping. Definitely my favorite mascara out there!

BOTTOMLINE: Platinum Long Lash by Dr. Devgan is an amazing high quality, safe product if you’re looking to increase your eyelash length and volume.

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